Want More Listings?

On Average, Real Estate Agents that use our Cold Calling Virtual Assistants Service generate 1 to 3 seller leads per day.

Out of that, one out of 18 convert to a listing. 

Interested in having someone cold call on your behalf to generate seller leads? Book a Demo to see how it works.

Trusted By Top Producing Real Estate Agents Across Many Brokerages All Over the U.S.

How do I know this works?

In 2024, in my Real Estate business we are on track to hit ~$1.2M+ in Commissions with only 1 agent, and multiple virtual assistants, while I am personally completely out of production.

But forget that... look at the results other people are having:

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How does it work?

We help Real Estate agents get more listings by helping you hire a Virtual Assistant to Cold Call on your behalf.
1. Target Market Identification

1. Target Market Identification

Tell us your desired homeowner demographic, and we’ll help you compile a relevant prospect list.

2. Virtual Assistant Recruitment and Training

2. Virtual Assistant Recruitment and Training

We find and train a Virtual Assistant to make cold calls in your target market, identifying potential sellers.
3. Lead Follow up and Appointment Setting

3. Lead Follow up and Appointment Setting

You can follow up with the leads yourself or have the Virtual Assistant manage it, setting appointments on your behalf.

Why Cold Calling?

Proven to Work

Proven to Work

Cold Calling has worked in Real Estate for decades. Numerous agents rely on it to generate business across the US in today’s market. We’ve perfected the process through years of experience.

Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads

Compared to online leads, Cold Calling leads are significantly higher quality and way less expensive per lead.

Fast Results

Fast Results

Unlike many other lead sources where you spend tens of thousands and have to wait a long time to see results, you can start getting qualified leads within the first week of launching our Cold Calling program.


Guaranteed to get at least 90 leads in your first 90 days or we work for FREE until you do!

Part Time Caller

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Part Time Caller – 4 Hours a Day

$1500 $1250/Month

Full Time Caller

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Full Time Caller – 8 Hours a Day 

$2000 $1500/Month

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this works?

Because we’ve been generating Real Estate leads through Cold Calling for 6+ years, and have many active clients that can cancel at any time if it doesn’t work, as nobody is bound to a long term contract.

It’s just a numbers game, one full time caller can speak to 80-100 home owners a day, and statistically 1-3 of these conversations will be a home owner that is looking to sell.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is on this page: https://remoteleverage.com/pricing

Is a real person going to make the calls?

Yes. The Virtual Assistant is a real person.

Can I choose who calls for me?

Absolutely. We will source multiple Virtual Assistants for you and you can interview and choose the ones that you like best. 

What type of leads should I expect to be able to generate by implementing the Cold Calling system?

You’ll mostly get seller leads.

How many leads should I expect to generate?

Every market is different, but historically one full time caller would generate 1 to 3 leads a day depending on the market.

Are there enough numbers to cold call in my area?

We have many ways to help you source numbers. Unless you live in a rural area, we should be able to generate tens of thousands of numbers for you or your Virtual Assistant to cold call.

What do you consider a qualified seller lead?

A lead that matches these 4 criteria:

  1. Selling in 12 months or sooner
  2. Has an idea of where they want to move to
  3. Has a reason to move that is not dependent on “getting the right price”
  4. Open to staying in touch with an agent as they get closer to moving
Is there a long term contract?

No, all month to month, which in itself is a testament to the results our cold calling program produces.

If the program didn’t work, we would lose all of our clients in one month. 

How long does it take to start getting leads?

You will start generating leads in your first week of launch.

How do I see a demo of how this works?

Book a demo our calendar, we will walk you through the system and show you live accounts and what results other agents are getting, here is the link: https://remoteleverage.com/calendar

Interested in seeing how this works?

Guaranteed to get at least 90 leads in less than 90 days or we work FREE until you do!