Lead Generation
Virtual Assistants

Starting at $5-$7/hr

Recruiting Agency Helping Businesses Hire English Speaking Virtual Assistants From Latin America & The Philippines for 70% Less Than U.S. Employees.

We've hired hundreds of Virtual Assistants for various businesses all across the US.

Lead Generation Virtual Assistants Tasks

Cold Calling
Outbound Emails
Outbound Texting
B2B Prospecting
Appointment Setting
and much more!

Why Hire Virtual Assistants Through Remote Leverage?

Fluent English

Fluent English

We understand how important it is to speak fluent English with little to no accent. We go through hundreds of applicants a day and only bring you the top 1%. 

No Recurring Fees

No Recurring Fees

Save thousands of Dollars a year by hiring the Virtual Assistant directly. We charge a one time flat hiring fee if you decide to hire one of the Virtual Assistants we bring you, and help you onboard them directly to avoid ongoing fees.

No Contracts

No Contracts

You’re not locked into any sort of long term commitment with us or any Virtual Assistant you hire through us. If you’re not happy with the applicants we bring you, we don’t get paid.

Getting started is easy


Tell Us Job Position

Tell Us Job Position

Tell us what role you want to fill, job requirements, who your ideal fit would be, experience required, and anything else that’s important in who you hire.


We Screen Virtual Assistants

We Screen Virtual Assistants

We will interview qualified Virtual Assistants and assess their skill level, then pass on 4-6 Virtual Assistants for you to interview that match your requirements.


You Meet & Choose Best Fit

You Meet & Choose Best Fit

After you interview the Virtual Assistants we bring, you get to choose who you feel is the best fit to work in your business. 

No contracts or commitments. We get paid a flat hiring fee if you choose to hire one of the applicants we bring you.

90 Day Replacement Guarantee

90 Day Replacement Guarantee

We’ll replace your Virtual Assistant if they don’t turn out to be a great fit within the first 90 days as many times as needed, no questions asked.


Frequently Asked Questions

What countries do you hire from?

It depends on what role you’re looking to fill, but we generally focus on Latin American countries for sales roles, and the Philippines for customer service, admin, etc.

Many of our Latin American applicants speak extremely fluent English with little to no accents. 

We will advise you on which region to hire from based on what your requirements are, but ultimately it’s your choice. 


How do taxes & payroll work when hiring Virtual Assistants?

We have a partner company that will handle compliance and payroll on your behalf.

How do you get paid?

We charge a one time flat fee per successful hire. You pay us only if you choose to hire a Virtual Assistant that we bring you.

How much does the average Virtual Assistants cost?

It depends on the role and experience, but typically $5-$7 per Hour for most roles and $8-$10 for unique roles that are harder to fill.

We do NOT take any fees out of the Virtual Assistant’s hourly rate.

Do they work for me or for Remote Leverage?

They work directly for you.

We have a partner company that will handle payroll & legal paperwork on your behalf to ensure compliance, saving you thousands of dollars a year by not having to pay an agency continuously.

What if they don't turn out to be a good fit?

It’s rare that something like that would happen as they go through interviews with us and with you to make sure they’re qualified, but if it does, we offer a 90 day guarantee where we would find you another candidate at no additional cost. You can also extend this guarantee up to 12 months for a small fee.

How is their English and Communication skills?

We only source applicants that speak fluent English with little to no accent.

We go through hundreds of applicants a day from many different countries in Latin America, the Philippines, and South Africa to source the top 1% that have little to no accents and great communication skills.

What time zone will they be working in?

They work in whatever time zone you need them to and at your set hours. Virtual Assistants are very accustomed to working US hours.

Can I start with Part Time?

Absolutely, you can do Full Time or Part time, whatever fits your business.

15 Minute Virtual Assistant Hiring Consultation

During this meeting we will go over the role you’re planning to hire for, what the process looks like, answer any questions you have, and proceed to next steps.

This consultation will be done over zoom so it is best if you could be on a computer!